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Honda BeAT (Alloy Wheels)

(Cheerful Pink Metal)
SRP ₱61,800.00
(call us for discounts and installment plans)
The power to move and fulfill your dreams is in your hands with Honda BeAT. You decide where and when to go; take whatever route you like. It's all you. Safe, convenient and economical. Ride through the city, glide to the countryside in style with Honda BeAT
Honda BeAT (Alloy Wheels) Feature : New Fender Design Honda BeAT (Alloy Wheels) Feature : Side Stand Switch Honda BeAT (Alloy Wheels) Feature : Wider Platform Honda BeAT (Alloy Wheels) Feature : Parking Brake Lock Honda BeAT (Alloy Wheels) Feature : New Sticker Design
New Fender Design Side Stand Switch Wider Platform Parking Brake Lock New Sticker Design
Side Stand Switch Honda's exclusive safety-technology. The engine automatically stops when sidestand is used. For comfortable driver front legroom and passenger's secure straddle. Provides safe and ease of motorbike handling when placing it on its stand to park. Reduces accident causing movement/s when hand slips its grip & releases the brake handle. With its new dynamic look & eye-catching style, it's sure to enjoy admiration-on and off the road.
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